Message from “Postville”

                                              “The berry vine turns from an image of its fate”

5 responses to this post.

  1. Love the blog! Your version of rural will certainly be better than mine since I’m a “townie.” Great photos, and today I also had flowers poking their heads out, clearly confused. Last night the snow fell like sky sugar, a few hours later I was on the back porch sweeping in a tee shirt. Hoping you can snap a photo of the rumored mountain lion (from a distance of course) and post here. Wolves are good, too.


  2. Wow…I’m thrilled to see this and humbly welcome you to this odd corner of the blogosphere. It will be wonderful to read and see “home” through you! (And what’s this about a mountain lion?)


  3. The lion bit was interesting, and terrifying. Yes, it should go up, along with all other fascinating homespun tidbits from “up thar on the hill.”


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