Ready for the weekend

This is the Russo woodstove I bought used 20 years ago, and inserted, with a stainless chimney liner, into the fireplace 3 years ago. In 09/10 and 10/11 I burned 17 face cords of wood per winter, with continuous fire for 190 days each year. No ash pan. Hot clean outs and hot chimney cleaning, rekindle from embers. 1 match per year. No need for such efforts this year. I think I paid $100 for it. It’s wide open and at about 450F here, on it’s way to 700F to clean the tube. Flossing between brushings.

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  1. Posted by Anonymous on February 11, 2012 at 2:38 pm

    Hi, had not checked out your blog since you first sent it to me. enjoyed reading all that you’ve written/shared so far. Your father’s house was something I did not know, the mountain lion, I’m sure the sound it would make would be amazing, they are so large, powerful, and just cats fighting in the night can be very errie and loud. Recently a large whale shark, (on MSN) was caught/killed, it was such a large and beautiful creature and was on display and rotting as people disrespected it, also somewhere in the world they are drilling and have found a liquid lake under deep ice, ancient and probably contains unusual bacteria and life, they have already contaminated it with debrie from drill bit and are excited to see what’s there, and Newt G. saying we should build a space station on the moon. What I’m trying to say is that we do more damage than good, it starts with each other (the house..) and then out into the world, it was sad about the lion and whale having lived their lives to end in such a way, and what story they could tell, we all could tell, did you put your head in the barrel?


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