Who knows the answer?

Didn’t get enough of Christmas? I thought so.
Pretty busy today, so I’m going to throw in something I wrote a while back.



Season’s Greetings

We choose at times
To view the ever present through a lens
Some do it now and others then
They have another birth or death or day
When sure, there was a star (there are a number).

We bring the forest in and feast
We kill the lamb and cut the tree
Turn to our loves and lovers misty eyed
And sing again for all we’re worth.

It isn’t every day, is it,
That some star rises bright and we are saved?
It isn’t every day
That lowly creatures’ hearts
Burn with the knowing of which way to turn.

Bring me a stronger glass this year
And here is one for you my dear
We’ll light the lamps
And have another look at Christmas.

3 responses to this post.

  1. Hi — just catching up here, and now I’ll put your blog in my feed reader so I don’t miss your posts. This is terrific and I hope you’ll keep up the wide mix of subjects – from the folksy woodsy stuff to poetry and art and whatever falls in-between. (I like this poem, by the way.)


  2. A feed reader, huh? That’s a new one to me. I’ll try not to post too much you’ll WISH you missed!


  3. Don’t worry. Take a look at Google Reader, that’s what I use. It works like an index to aggregates all your favorite blogs and news items into a list, and you can see whenever someone posts something new and read it either there, or go to the website itself. It’s just nice to have if you regularly read a lot of blogs, and saves time.


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