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little bastards inc.

making haiku spring
I trace through patterns of old
dominoes and dice


For Howard Simon, M.D.

snow over blossoms
lies still pondering the truth
of  prophet rooster

the music

I found this “micropoem”,  from the cassandra pages, so compelling that I spent some time analyzing its little magic. I first tried to use my toolbar to graphically denote the many instances of consonance, assonance, rhyme, sibilence and  alliteration, but found so much abundance and overlap that all of my italic, font size, underline, and color choices were inadequate. It’s hard to believe how much connectivity there is in such a tiny verse, and I’m advised by the author that little of it was deliberate. It just happens. Here’s the poem, followed by my very amateur take on its phonology:


Little lettuce fists
unfolding on the maples
hold spring in their palms


1. First letter first. The two “L” sounds in Little repeat immediately in lettuce,(alliteration) and four more times in the next two lines: unfolding, maples, hold and palm. (consonance)
2. Second letter….the short i in little. Repeats in fists, unfolding, spring, and in. (assonance)
3. t sound from little hits twice more in quick succession. lettuce, fists. (consonance)
4. s sound echoes: lettuce, fists, spring. (sibilence)
5. f sound echo: fists, unfolding (my call: alliteration)
6. p sound echoes: maples, spring, palms. (consonance)
7. rhyming pairs of consecutive syllables: fold-ing/ hold spring
8. hard th sound echo: the, their. (consonance?)
9. m sound echo: maples, palms. (consonance)
10. ah sound echo: on, palms (assonance)

Painting with music.

more peepers

Someone help me please, becoming haiku madness, giving little rest.


Little April frog
soprano boys in chorus
hardly castrati



Pseudacris crucifer

With Easter nearing
notice how the singing frogs
carry their crosses


Tinnitus of frogs
the size of thimbles crying
let’s begin again



This really does seem like good exercise. The constraint feels like a gift, though I realize the constraint of syllables per line is about the only one I’m observing.  I was a little concerned about the pronunciation of tinnitus here. There are two pronunciations, and I’ve decided they both work, though they create much different rhythms.


While the snow returns
to bend their budding willow
feathers form in eggs

I don’t think I’ve ever attempted a haiku before, but after spending a few hours mesmerized by cassandrabeth’s recent posts, I thought I’d give one a try.

to a bird

Another from the vault, to a bird that had stunned  itself  by  flying into a window. Many of these oldies are included in my early chapbook  “A Runnel of Tripe”


Fly well now from my finger
I am thrilled enough
And you have warmed your feet
So fly