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Star to Star

Star to Star (A Binary Proposal)

. To wish upon you in my way
new risen star I’d say:

. “Let us relentlessly perturb each other
….dance  in our decay and glow
…… throbbing Roche-lobe overflow
until one spins six hundred times per second
…..   ……while  the other turns to stone. .

Please radio without surcease
…       if I congeal into that giant diamond
send out all your sorrow, all your  joy

. And should you grow cold first
….. I’ll linger for a billion years to hold you
letting anyone who listens
feel.the jump you give my pulse.”

No, they’re not Bard Owls

Hooting sounds have been emanating from the woods, nightly, for a few weeks now. I took them to be coming from an owl, but had some trouble finding a recording that matched what I was hearing. I found a good match last night, and tonight the tune changed, with TWO owls conversing in the language linked under this picture.

Count your fingers, lads.

In this video British Royal Navy teams commemorate the task of hauling heavy guns overland to free Ladysmith, South Africa from siege during the Second Boer War.  Tradition at The Royal Tournament

Weight of the game pieces:

Limber…..345 lbs.

Wheels…..120 lbs. each

Carriage…350 lbs.

Gun barrel….900 lbs.

lost balloon






my parting soul,
have you slipped from the fingers
of a child?