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dark circus

I hear the dark circus
is coming to not town
without any bigtop
all secretly hoping for rain
they’llĀ  soon caravan in
on their ovally wheels
to a place by the swamp
where the unhappy clowns will spill
from swallowing too many smiles
as the ringmaster tosses the tiger some turnips
and musclemen spit
on the elephant’s toes


shimmering rabbit
now you’re on the other side
of Sunday’s window

and your sleek sister
must be out back in the brush
still waiting for you

does she even know
how you’ve shown yourself to me
among the clovers?

that you prophesied
the Alpha and Omega
with one gleaming stride?

will she next wonder
as you held me wondering then
about the highway?


unicycle clown
in a puddle of blue barf
juggling tissue balls




you never think

until after the gale
shoulders a fair crowd of us
into the white teeth
of the toppling surf

your heart won’t sink

watching the tide
tear handfuls of my earnest crew
to fuel the greater ebb’s desire

alas we know

only the howling of spent souls
and corpses nudging at the oar
will stir you