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Compactor Barn

Bolted to the galvanized steel wall
are signs that read:


……vast concrete shimmering with ooze floor
and further, orange spray-paint scrawls of:


……to clarify for those deranged
by the aroma and/or notion
……of the contents of the broth
………..(which man’s steel diesel scraper can’t quite squeegee
…………….from the floor into the squeezing pit)
…..this stock rich with
…….the county’s dirty diapers sour milk and supper scraps
I could go on
but I have cardboard in the cab for that first step
more in the back to keep my boots
out of the everything grey soup

High in the dim ceiling
tin doves rest from  tearing up the sky
it’s January
but it’s warm
and busy sparrows chirp what
……as little bells


This one is ink and acrylic on paper 2000 13″x15″

pics 127 004click on image to enlarge


I want to have some copies of my artwork in the cloud. I guess this is as good a place as any. First off is Untitled O/C  1997- 7″x10″

wrestlersclick on image to enlarge

Richard Wolff 2009

The “financial” crisis in a nutshell, and some ideas on solution. Richard Wolff, Prof.emeritus of Economics at UMass. A much more dynamic speaker than Hedges…the first 7 minutes are introduction….skip them…..once Wolff gets to the podium it’s a quick 90 minutes.

Tom Lane

he wasn’t all that old Tom Lane
or noisy and he lived alone
dressed up for church
helped out the poor
he smiled
so kind then suddenly
tom lane