open captions

I spent a little time over the weekend adding captions to a video of a performance by my niece Lauren. Fairly painstaking work to get a satisfactory job, mostly because my editing program clock counts seconds but not minutes, while the video clock reads minutes and seconds. I’m not good at calculating things like 263 sec. = 4min.23 sec. in order to get a caption start or duration time, which is required about 100 times in a video like this,  and really, one needs to deal in tenths of seconds to get the best effect. In the end, I found that a little trial and error work was faster than doing the math. Or figuring out how to change one of the clocks. Or searching for different editing software. The captions are considered open, or more particularly “burned in” or “hard coded”  because the viewer can’t close them. I’ve retained the spelling of  “sew” per the artist’s instructions. Check it out:

Lauren Mettler…”On My Knees”

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