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Happened upon this old drawing of mine at a friend’s house. Took the best photo I could given the lighting and my little camera.003

go fish

Chopped Brussels sprouts and garlic over haddock, all sauteed. Butter. Pepper.

creek and dinner 002

The Anti-Bieber

This guy is so not ready for American Idol

Winter Tires

Oil/Acrylic/Ink/Canvas 9″x7″

winter tires  winter tires (2)click images to enlarge

Who’s getting care in the U.S.?

A comment in the newspaper led me to the Wiki page for Canadian Health Care and this table of statistics. The comment, followed by the table:

“If providing public funded healthcare was easy you would think there would be a few examples of some country doing it right. “Right” in this case means delivering competent (not state of the art) healthcare at a stable price commensurate with the rise in population and the general inflation rate. Certainly amongst the larger countries in Western Europe you find only systems that are struggling to hold the line on costs within the aforementioned limits. All of these systems dictate how much doctors and hospitals can charge and to varying degrees ration healthcare

Obamacare was drafted by a fetid collection of career politicians, lobbyists and learned deniers of the truth. It yielded a 2,000 page collection of the “worst of the worst” elements on which to build such a system and omitted proven elements of success. The highly vaunted Canadian healthcare bill was drawn in 37 pages and that included English and French versions!

Obamacare was sold on the universality of coverage and the constraint of costs. The availability of the “opt out” option together with a patchwork quilt of variously qualified providers makes a mockery of universality and the absence of effective cost containment will soon result in historic healthcare inflation to be paid by riotous taxpayers.”

Country Life expectancy Infant mortality rate Physicians per 1000 people Nurses per 1000 people Per capita expenditure on health (USD) Healthcare costs as a percent of GDP % of government revenue spent on health % of health costs paid by government
Australia 81.4 4.2 2.8 9.7 3,137 8.7 17.7 67.7
Canada 81.3 4.5 2.2 9.0 3,895 10.1 16.7 69.8
France 81.0 4.0 3.4 7.7 3,601 11.0 14.2 79.0
Germany 79.8 3.8 3.5 9.9 3,588 10.4 17.6 76.9
Japan 82.6 2.6 2.1 9.4 2,581 8.1 16.8 81.3
Sweden 81.0 2.5 3.6 10.8 3,323 9.1 13.6 81.7
UK 79.1 4.8 2.5 10.0 2,992 8.4 15.8 81.7
US 78.1 6.9 2.4 10.6 7,290 16.0 18.5 45.4