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a real writer

I’ve not had much to contribute here lately, and I’m on today only to point toward TONE DEAF , which is also linked in my blog favorites (below, to the right). Brilliant and funny, and it’s a daily! Well….almost.

Nine Mile Swamp

music is Ewan Dobson, “Level 40”  Solo Guitar

Maybe it IS a tea party!

From the NYT 10/10/13

“We ask them to carry our water all the time,” said one corporate sector lobbyist, who demanded anonymity in order to speak frankly about the relationship with Republicans. “But we don’t necessarily support them 100 percent of the time. And what has happened is the rise of an ideological wing that is now willing to stand up to business interests.

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Alice Munro

A slightly dated but charming interview with the great writer and new recipient of the Nobel Prize in literature:

From The New Yorker

Gas is costly

1 barrel of oil provides the same amount of energy as one (reasonably well fed) man working for 25,000 hours (or 12 men working full time for a year)

1 barrel of oil costs $1 to extract from the earth

1 barrel of oil =46 gallons of gasoline

46 gallons of gasoline costs around  $170