Maybe it IS a tea party!

From the NYT 10/10/13

“We ask them to carry our water all the time,” said one corporate sector lobbyist, who demanded anonymity in order to speak frankly about the relationship with Republicans. “But we don’t necessarily support them 100 percent of the time. And what has happened is the rise of an ideological wing that is now willing to stand up to business interests.

(my italics)

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  1. I spent six years in in the USA (albeit in the neo-Jurassic age) and this “water” idiom is new to me. The gynecological implications are worrying yet not entirely clear. I always thought the Tea Party teabags were the direct result of parthogenesis and they sprang into the world fully formed but with one significant inversion: their brains where their muscles ought to be and their muscles where their brains ought to be. An enviable state. For them brain surgery is a doddle; treatment of piles can, however, be tricky.

    During my first months in the US (with a publishing company) I was constantly asked to interpret other parts of the world for my colleagues. I think we were talking about some politician and I was asked whether or not he had a degree. “Oh, yes,” I said, “but in the hewing of wood and drawing of water.” This proved to be a useful criterion for a level of academic competence just below basic literacy. The phrase was re-used by my colleagues and I was inordinately flattered. I offer it to you in the spirit of transatlantic friendship


  2. Thank you Roddy. Clearly, business lobbyists never “ask” politicians to carry water OR chop wood without concurrently offering cash, travel tickets, or avenues to other forms of enterprise and companionship. I hope that my credentials as a professional hewer of wood will not impede the furthering of our correspondence. I am a friend of Cassandra-Beth, an old friend of her parents, and I am dropping her name here as per her prompt. Very much enjoyed time spent on your blog last night. You are a grand writer.


  3. It’s Robbie, not Roddie. I know – it doesn’t seem logical. VR (my wife) calls me Robin which is even odder. I’m flattered to be called a “grand” writer. The sort of adjective that Mark Twain used to hand out and that puts me in good company. MT’s essay in which he demolishes Fenimore Cooper is one of the greatest literary achievements of all time.


    • Robbie it is. Haven’t read any MT in quite a while. I will look that up. I’ve been caught up in Chris Hedges’ “Empire of Illusion”, a relentless harangue about the decline of the U.S…..subtitled “The End of Literacy and the Rise of Spectacle”. He seems a qualified and astute observer.


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