Ombra Mai Fu

Written by Handel, this is arguably the first music ever broadcast via radio.  A Christmas Eve 1906 transmission from an experimental radio station in Brant Rock, Massachusetts, where  CJ  Reginald Fessenden opened the show with a recording of this aria, followed with his own rendition of “O Holy Night” (violin and vocals), then closed with a Bible reading (Luke 2:14). Ombra Mai Fu translates to “Never Was a Shade” and is in regard to a plane tree, a widespread genus I’d never heard of.
Jackie Evancho, 11, sings here. Static free.

or……a mature, sophisticated take.

and still another, for those who prefer trees, trills, and “tra”

the penultimate,  tenor, trills, tra and trees version, with spruce and maple again holding court.

and the finale, back to kids and keys, with no regrets.

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