Manhandled by the Brits

I thought my British blogpals Robbie and Sir Hugh would appreciate this, first posted as “Count your fingers, lads” in June 2012. I do not want anyone thinking I’m completely ignorant of British military history.

In this video British Royal Navy teams commemorate the task of hauling heavy guns overland to free Ladysmith, South Africa from siege during the Second Boer War.  Tradition at The Royal Tournament. Weight of the game pieces: Limber…..345 lbs. Wheels…..120 lbs. each.  Carriage…350 lbs.  Gun barrel….900 lbs.





4 responses to this post.

  1. And I thought I had it bad in USN boot camp 43 years ago! Holy cow!

    This is better than football.


  2. Wow. That makes a Formula 1 pit stop look tame.


  3. I believe it’s called a military tattoo. I fear it’s not only pointless but demonstrably pointless. Rushing about dismantling then reassembling field guns of a bygone age. A metaphor, if you like, for Britain’s much diminished role on the world stage. However you could say it’s also analogous to our diminishing ability to wage war in foreign parts. Not a bad thing, especially since the next occasion we may be called upon to do this could well be against one of our EU partners, Spain. If Borges so wonderfully captured the spirit of the Falklands with the comparison “Like two bald men fighting over a comb.” what would he say about a squabble over Gibraltar?


    • I think it’s a hair raising demonstration of the combination of brute force, precision, teamwork, bravery and ingenuity. I’m sure the aspect of honoring Boer warriors is not foremost in the competitors minds, but demonstrating strength and will surely is. And no, it’s not a bad thing to have a diminished warring capacity, and it’s high time the imperialist bent of the US was brought to rein. I think it’s very fortunate that sanity prevailed FIRST in your Parliament re the recent Syria business. It served to slap our Mr. O upside the head over his notion of a cruise missile willy nilly.

      Much tidier than F1 racing, the supposed wellspring of automotive creation. Advancing ways to run the planet dry of oil, tying automotives to bloodsport. Brave, foolish money driven men, women as decoration. ..

      Frankly I find both sports fascinating, I’m still a big Brundle and Stewart fan, but I think F1’s gotten a little corporate and out of hand. The cannon wrestling (they are marginally heavier than an F1 car with driver aboard) seems to have been curtailed in ’99. Probably just as well, but I’m glad we have the tapes.


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