Indian Summer

Advent decorating at the church yesterday, so I had to meet the Litugical Environment Committee and do some ladder climbing. Banners to be hung, high window sills to be dusted, and on the lower level wreaths to be affixed. Charlie and I were the only males present, and Charlie wisely and helpfully chose to stick with me, away from the clucking circle. He moved altar furniture, footed my ladder, and lent his cheerful wit and manner….all much appreciated (I rewarded him with a package of Grabber handwarmers). We encountered Fr. Smith in the icy parking lot on our way out, and for the 2nd or 3rd time this week Fr. said “Think Indian summer”. While Wikipedia notes that certain notions of Indian summer may extend through January, my notion of it does not. I’m not sure we’ve had a couple warmish days since frost killed the hardiest dandelions 2 weeks ago, so technically we may still be eligible, but this morning dawned at 5F (-15C) with windchill at -22C.  8 inches of snow on the ground.

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