Cold, an ancient problem.

-5F and dropping, with a foot of snow on the ground. If you think humankind is heating up the planet I suggest you read every word of the following blog, especially “Volcanic CO2 and global warming” under the “Not so Apologetic” section.

Geologist for Hire

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  1. “Science is neither democratic nor authoritarian”. Since that is my belief I wish I’d said it in exactly that way. Proving among other things that when it comes to writing, rules of thumb can frequently be all thumbs. One of my guidelines, and a text for a thousand sermons I’ve preached is: try and do without adjectives. Yet here’s a six-word sentence, two words of which are adjectives. And the sentence remains right and unassailable. Put not your faith in experts, a salutary reminder to me given that I’ve briefly strutted on your stage in a role perilously close to that of expert. Forget everything I’ve said and paddle your own canoe.

    However, here’s a recommendation. Pauline Kael, a critic whose stuff seems to have outlasted many of the movies she has dissected, once complained: this movie tells me nothing about anything. Meaning that it lacked factual substance, incidental to the plot, perhaps, yet adding to the movie’s plausibility and helping us towards that sense of reality that even bad movies can generate.

    There is a wider hunger for factual substance than many of us realise. The things that may be be repetitive and unsurprising in our lives yet only require a certain amount of animation to become fascinating to others. I’m thinking of your splenetic outburst which was fine in its way but contained (in one of your comments) the seeds for something else.

    Notably: “properly diagnose a finished tie rod end (as distinct from a broken tie rod end bracket) at midnight in a blizzard after 11 hours of plowing.” It left me wanting more about tie rods and even more about ploughing (Sorry about that; my right hand would strangle me if I spelt it your way) for 11 hours. No pyrotechnics just the meat and potatoes of being a working stiff in a line of business unfamiliar to that vast percentage of the population which spends weekdays behind a desk. In brief: tells us about your job. Using facts and an aw-shucks style of self-deprecation. Or if you like tell me why you think you can’t.


  2. I may take up your suggestion RR, but at present I’m exhausted from ploughing, which my spell check instantly underlines in red. I’m smiling at thoughts of it rhyming with cough, dough, and enough. I began to try to condense the information contained in the blog linked above, which is essentially an analysis of a number of scholarly papers on global warming. I found that further distillation of that info (gathered and dissected by a workingman well-logging geologist) left it seeming too simplistic. Exclusion of the graphs included, or even inclusion of only one or two seemed unfair. The fellow who wrote it, though he writes like a well logger, has done a hell of a lot of reading, thinking and work, and he presents a good case. Like I say, I’ll try to write something imaginative before too long…or maybe I should say imagative.


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