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Bell Repair Tutorial

cold spell

were you to find her
dead in the snow
it could be
forever zero


Lay prone or supine,
any place will do.
Purchase a loupe
or queue for Arecibo
with some colleagues

if you wish,
go after specks:

Open a vein
and let them spilling
sing onto your fields
of  calibrated view.

Mote made of motes!
So telling, so extending
to the further smallest!
Make script, our too short gladness
might be lengthened by a dram!

Gift us more ponder as your horn
and hounds plunge certainly to night.

Global warming morestuff

The experts pile into the hedge.


Unresolved scientific questions

1. What causes gravity?

2. Why does hot water freeze more quickly than cold water?

3. What is causing the Earth to warm?

4. Is the Earth warming?