Unresolved scientific questions

1. What causes gravity?

2. Why does hot water freeze more quickly than cold water?

3. What is causing the Earth to warm?

4. Is the Earth warming?

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  1. Posted by sofieonecrow on January 2, 2014 at 8:47 pm

    (Mike – 3rd time trying to comment. Please delete the first two, if they show up. Thanks.)


    1. Pregnant cats. Actually, all pregnant animals. That’s where the word gravid comes from, or maybe the other way around. At my house, it is the pregnant cat that has adopted me and co-opted my house.

    2. Heat is a threat to the solid state of ice. Surrounding ice crystals and cold air act as heat sinks/heat exchangers to dissipate the heat into the greater frozen mass, and does so at a rate of exchange in direct proportion to the amount of heat to be defended against. Cold water is nearer the temperature of the ice (though still warmer) and as such does not require the same speed or level of response, thus it appears to freeze more slowly.

    3. Magnetic polar shift is the primary cause of Earth’s warming. The shift has been picking up speed at a steady rate for the last 137 years, and has happened hundreds of time over the planet’s history. As the shift process continues, the electro-mechanics of the phenomenon generates heat at an increasing rate, resulting in excess heat. It doesn’t help that world-wide air pollution has hampered the natural cooling which would have slowed down the warming, but it was going to happen anyway…just not so soon.

    4. Yes. Didn’t you just read my answer to Question #3?


    • I’m set on “monitor comments”, Sophie, so they have to be viewed and approved by me prior to showing up on the blog. This may be the source of your frustration.
      1. I believe Einstein toyed with the possibility that pregnant animals, particularly proliferating rodents, were adding to the gravitational effect. This leads to the cat/mouse factor in any ensuing physical equations.
      2. You may be on to something here, assuming that H2O has preferences and will defend them.
      3. Electro-magnetic fields, their effect on solar influx, ocean mixing….yes….you are fascinated by these as well. What about volcanic activity? Or even volcanic LOCATION….an infant science.
      4. I remain unconvinced. Earth began as a molten blob, or possibly The Garden of Eden. I suspect the large picture is cooling, unless The Fall has brought us nearer the Fires of Hell.


      • Posted by sofieonecrow on January 3, 2014 at 7:37 am

        The frustration is with WordPress; didn’t recognize my identification info.

        Re: water defenses – more a physical properties thing, I reckon, than a thought process. Like seeking its own level…can’t help itself.

        Re: #4 – Hmmm…okay, our perception may be that it is warming, but if the atmosphere is like polar fleece, then underlying cooling is thwarted, which produces the same results. I read some time ago (last couple of years or so) that scientists posit the Earth expands when the poles shift. Since most of them weren’t here when the last shift took place, I question their conclusions. At the time, the article made me think of Asimov’s story, “Nightfall.”

        (I know you know I wrote the first comment tongue-in-cheek – same here, although now I am thinking about your questions more than when I first read your post. But, that’s a good thing, y’know?)

      • The atmosphere loses gas to space….the Earth burps up more gas from down below (where it is molten but cooling). When there are more molecules in the atmosphere (ie, when the earth has been offgassing a lot) the atmosphere weighs more (due to gravity) and the gas is more dense, and thus hotter. I will reread your comment after work and probably comment further…lotta snow to deal with now…and still below zero.

      • Posted by sofieonecrow on January 3, 2014 at 7:23 pm

        Was thinking about the stresses on tectonic plates as the poles shift and the earth bulges and heaves and sighs in response to the magnetic pulls. Put that aside to chew on a bit more before carrying on with this subject; wanted to see what was on PBS. Lo! and behold! a program about doomsday volcanoes.

        I’ll be back.


  2. Do not try to answer more than one question simultaneously. Only write on one side of the paper with one pen. Ask no rhetorical questions. Be kind to the Federal government. When in doubt remember Orval Faubus. Life could be worse. Remind yourself that the only drink available at a Tea Party fund-raiser is… tea!


    • You think I’m slipping toward Conservatism don’t you RR? I will dwell on this puzzle, and only this puzzle, until I have resolved it. Already resolved: life could be vastly, incomprehensibly worse, and colder would be worse than warmer. Charlie Mingus did not like Orval Faubus, and I’m certain you are pleased to be aligned with Mingus.I trust the two of you will allow me into the circle. I will never know what is served at a TP fundraiser as I am afraid of fluid contamination and the emergence of another Hitler.


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