Global warming morestuff

The experts pile into the hedge.


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  1. Posted by sofieonecrow on January 7, 2014 at 9:59 pm

    Ain’t magnetism grand?


  2. “Global warming” is really a confusing misnomer for the layman – it would be more appropriate for the media to use “climate change”.


    • Interesting that you call it a misnomer, Conrad. While not perfectly descriptive of the broad overview that the IPCC is pressing through the media., it is presented as the root of all the evil aspects of climate change. With the 10 year slump in surface temperature warming, many greenhouse gas aficionados are now looking for causes for this “short term anomaly”, and are casually mentioning their ignorance of such possibly huge factors as ocean mixing patterns, volcanic contributions, solar cycles and albedo,etc. One of the latest theories is that the extra heat is being stored in the “deep ocean”, where no one seems to be able to locate it. My experience with jumping into ponds and lakes is that the warm water is at the top. More volatile weather? Humanity is crowding the shorelines, and there are more people for tornadoes to hit. I certainly don’t dispute that the climate is changing….it always has. Control is what we want but mankind is going to be hard pressed to control the vast, even cosmic forces at play here.


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