Lay prone or supine,
any place will do.
Purchase a loupe
or queue for Arecibo
with some colleagues

if you wish,
go after specks:

Open a vein
and let them spilling
sing onto your fields
of  calibrated view.

Mote made of motes!
So telling, so extending
to the further smallest!
Make script, our too short gladness
might be lengthened by a dram!

Gift us more ponder as your horn
and hounds plunge certainly to night.

4 responses to this post.

  1. So mulae is the nominative plural of mūla, the genitive singular of mūla, the dative singular of mūla, and the vocative plural of mūla. Which means, if my Latin had been up to scratch, that I should have been checking out mūla. A cleverly laid trap to expose my lack of formal education.

    Moola (sometimes moolah) is English slang for cash (US: dough). But something tells me I shouldn’t go down there. I’m wondering if there’s a link with Ave Maria – “in mulieribus, et benedictus”, something to do with women. But it’s a long shot. Here goes: mūla (notice that sustained emphasis bar over the u) is: oh, cash! And perhaps something to do with mules. Nah – too simplistic.

    But never mind. I’m now faced with Arecibo. A radio telescope in Puerto Rico. Ah yes, this links up with the loupe which I do know.

    You’re going to think I’m niggling but I’m not. It’s OK if poetry raises more questions than it answers. Poetry doesn’t function as a dictionary, but to provoke responses. And often the first response is mystification. And now the cloud is starting to thin and I’m getting these “multum in parvo” messages. Which continue.

    You’ve gone way beyond me in this poem because I just can’t do vers libre. I have to have the strait-jacket – a sonnet or nothing.

    But poetry is also allusion and reference. That line:

    Mote made of motes

    is not only a great allusion to the multi-layerism of physics (behind the ultimate particle there is always another, smaller particle) but there’s a poetic resonance. In a later verse of the Christmas carol “Oh come all ye faithful” we have:

    Light of light,
    Very God of very God.

    and I’m skittering off in a new direction.

    What do you want me to say? That I understand it? The answer is I don’t. Has it affected me? Yes it has. In a way you had hoped for? We cannot tell. At the final level of inter-personal relationships, the final (absolutely, I kid you not) sub-sub-sub-particle is absence of communication. Because that is what distinguishes one person from another. We cannot know. But that shouldn’t discourage us from trying.


  2. You are a detective given too few clues, I’m afraid…..another victim of my selfish over-abstraction, laziness, and puzzle making nature. On my mind while writing this was the futility of scientific endeavors to provide meaning to the truly overarching question mankind faces: What are we doing here? Science goes on, ever “advancing”. but the ultimate goal is what? Extending human existence for eternity? I’ve tried to give a nod to medical science here, as we all appreciate that (we call prescriptions “scripts” here), and you’re on the money with your reactions to “Mote made of motes”……my understanding of science as a human instinct which is incapable of ultimately finding God or whatever one wishes to call “meaning”. I’m slightly schooled in geology, so have been forced to grasp the enormity of “time” as science has us understand it now. The astronomy boys have even more time to try to deal with. Ideally, this would be Walt Whitman in a nutshell…a hilarious notion, I know. for mulae is a simple and now seemingly sadistic separation of the word formulae, which was the “working title”. Thanks for taking time with this. I fear I spent little more time on it than you did.


  3. Posted by sofieonecrow on January 19, 2014 at 8:28 am

    And here I thought it is an entreaty for us to examine our lives more closely, intently, and share the wisdom of our “bloodletting” with those still struggling.


  4. Wait….I need to find/copy/paste some eloquent RR phrasings about the writer/reader relationship…..on second thought, you’ve already read those….I like your interpretation, may try to adopt it as my own.


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