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Two World Trade


back in the mist of some June morning
by your jade tree on a futon with a forest sheet
we called it coming over, never
dabbling in tactile futures, never
writing naked puts, and never
optioning the April windfall
when your heelstrike on the pink terrazzo
pleated skirts and British wit
all so became the glass and steel
Minoru might have inked you
half turned, gazing from this window
with me rapt at how your lips were parting
silhouetted by the city, to say
“Rain is like a phone call from the sea.”

Valentine’s Day 1984

My heart insists I send this card
My mind is laughing very hard
and saying, “What a silly pump,
’tis I who makes you go thump, thump

This one who makes you feel so strong
has made it clear to me you’re wrong
to carry on, she’s quite content
To think of her is time ill spent”

Heart says: “I do not think at all my friend
and your concern with what I spend
is void this one day of the year
the day of hearts, so lend an ear

I think that we should send a card
I know it will be very hard
for you but please, think up some rhymes
and sort them into nice neat lines”

“Were I to let you have your day
and think of stuff for you to say
would she think me a fool, confused
or mindless of the words she’s used?”

“It’s up to you! The things you say
will let her understand the way
we feel, I know that you are smart
I’m sure that you can do that part!”

“Calm down now heart, it is agreed
that this one day is yours indeed
and I will try my best to say
straight from the heart, Happy Valentine’s Day”