Valentine’s Day 1984

My heart insists I send this card
My mind is laughing very hard
and saying, “What a silly pump,
’tis I who makes you go thump, thump

This one who makes you feel so strong
has made it clear to me you’re wrong
to carry on, she’s quite content
To think of her is time ill spent”

Heart says: “I do not think at all my friend
and your concern with what I spend
is void this one day of the year
the day of hearts, so lend an ear

I think that we should send a card
I know it will be very hard
for you but please, think up some rhymes
and sort them into nice neat lines”

“Were I to let you have your day
and think of stuff for you to say
would she think me a fool, confused
or mindless of the words she’s used?”

“It’s up to you! The things you say
will let her understand the way
we feel, I know that you are smart
I’m sure that you can do that part!”

“Calm down now heart, it is agreed
that this one day is yours indeed
and I will try my best to say
straight from the heart, Happy Valentine’s Day”

6 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by sofieonecrow on February 14, 2014 at 9:09 pm

    Fortunate, indeed, is the woman who received this Valentine thirty years ago. I’m guessing she’s with you still.

    Happy Valentine’s Day to you both.


  2. The lesbian revelation forces me to go back to your verses and try a little deconstruction.

    “Heart insists…” But not apparently your head. Which means – it being 1984, a symbolic kinda year – you possibly ignored the Eton crop, the campaign jacket and the Doc Martens. Perhaps you didn’t see ’em (in which case check your glasses), perhaps you didn’t correlate them (in which case read more books of the sort the librarian keeps under the counter) or perhaps you did just that and were mystified by The Well Of Loneliness.

    The rhymes rhyme but does the scansion scan? You are forgiven if your lusty outdoor life led you into a misunderstanding with a chainsaw and your fingers no longer add up to a metric dozen. That’s an EU joke. Also a scansion joke.

    Just out of curiosity what is the most-drunk booze (brand name) in bars within spitting distance?

    Or would you prefer me to be much, much clearer?


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