Vascular aspects

craine 008








Shower room right, toilet room  left, partitions and door swings drawn on floor, shower water supply stored in drainpipe. Drain drops into and through first floor closet,  upper right.


craine 019








Jump into wall so’s not to weaken joists by drilling.


craine 020








Lateral to double vanity. This rough plumbing was done a few weeks ago. Vinnie’s boys.

4 responses to this post.

  1. In Thurber’s simulated Agony Aunt column for pet owners he cites one of his readers: We have cats like some people have mice.

    T’s response: So I see from your photograph but I can’t tell whether you’re asking for advice or just boasting.

    Sometimes with your posts I have the eerie feeling history is repeating itself. As I have said previously I appreciate brevity but often you make it seem as if you’re being charged $5 a word and you were born in the Western Isles.

    Perhaps you’re intending to combine these DIY posts and turn the result into an opera. I would willingly support such a venture. Intellectually, you understand. Not financially.


  2. To deny my readers the beauty of my prose is agony, but my own starvation would be worse. All my creative wherewithal is being consumed by the project. Everything requires a work-around, details must be resolved seven steps removed, and all readiness is needed when specialists arrive. Call it general practice or call it primary care; the patient is in my hands. This is boasting. These are not DIY posts, they are DDIY, hire me posts. RR advice is, as always, much appreciated.


    • Any fule (misspelling intentional) can stitch a word or two together; here you stitch together aspects of wisdom (carpentry, plumbing, a working knowledge of how houses fit together) and your achievement will long outlive any wordy thing short of a tombstone inscription. I would dispute “this is boasting” – rather the act of calmly laying evidence in front of literary sneerers. And I fully accept that such a project would occupy the efforts of any and every cranial lobe. Write a line of poetry and one invites (usually gets) misinterpretation; no one will will misinterpret this.

      How about a little brass plaque:

      My Name is Ozymandias,king of kings,
      Look on my works ye mighty, and despair

      Yes I know it’s risky (given the lines that follow) but it can represent a clenched fist raised against capricious fate. “I have faith in my own abilities.”


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