Et voilà

The transfer rule is rescinded.

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  1. I know irony is often said to be in short supply among US citizens (hope you notice I’m now a reformed character on this) but isn’t Larry Johnson’s observation slightly ambiguous. Suppose he’d added “On another planet.” (saying, in effect, “Get real. Good or bad this is the way things are.”) the whole thrust of what he tweeted would have changed. To tell the truth – I freely confess – I was waiting for something in this price bracket.

    One of the defences in English law about this way of accumulating evidence is that it may have constituted “entrapment” – ie, goading someone into saying something they wouldn’t normally have said. Sometimes it works. Is there anything similar in US law?

    Mind you, Sterling (what a great parody-worthy name) deserves what he got. Given the ethnic origins of many of the players why did he fancy acquiring a basketball franchise in the first place?


    • A quick answer to your last question…he bought the team for 12 million 30 years ago (or so)….it is now estimated to be worth at least 500 million.


  2. We don’t seem to worry much about entrapment here, though I’m not sure of those laws. The gf may have violated wiretap laws, which in some states require that all parties to a call be made aware it is being recorded. Mr. Sterling seems to have broken only “club” rules, one of which is “Don’t let the rest of us find out you’re scum.”


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