The Patrolman’s Benevolent Association of the City of New York


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  1. Such solemn faces, such unaccustomed suits. Vocal no doubt on the subject of their right to kill and not be questioned about it afterwards. I believe they like to be called New York’s Finest, to which some mischievous journalist tacked on “… that money can buy.”

    Ties suspiciously well-tied, make me feel they bought the knots ready-made. Who knows knots these days? A dying skill, not to be confused with skilled at dying.

    It could of course be a convention of Cosa Nostra accountants arguing the toss about double-entry methods. But with knives instead of pens.

    The suits well-pressed.


    • I detected rage, smugness and stupidity, but you’re right, it is crisply packaged. Seems the mayor had dared express concern about them strangling people in the streets.


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