Verbatim from coffee shop

“I hear there was an accident on Janinda Hill a couple nights ago.”

“Yeah, nobody hurt much. A rollover with entrapment, but no injuries.”

“Why is is called Janinda Hill, anybody know?”

“I don’t.”

“Nope, no idea.”

“Me neither.”

“Hey Skeet, hold up a sec. You live over that way. Any idea why they call it Janinda Hill?”

“Uh….let’s see. Jack Hill used to live over there, right on the sharp curve.”

“What was his wife’s name, do you remember?”

“Nope, no idea. We’ll be seein’ ya.”

“Ok Skeets, see ya later.”

“I guess probably somebody named Janinda lived over there at one time.”


3 responses to this post.

  1. Sounds all too familiar!


  2. I walked round the Welsh border in 2011. They speak their own language most of the time as well as English. In a café I overheard some conversation; here is the extract from my journal:

    I listened to two locals talking for about twenty minutes in Welsh, but I thought I detected the occasional English phrases. I was curious and asked them very politely about this mixing of the two tongues and they told me they had been speaking in English all the time. I know I do not have a good ear for these things but the fact that their Welsh/English accent could disguise completely what they were saying in English was a bit surprising.


  3. Skeet walked out straight-faced, and nobody even smiled at his comment. Probably an accident, but I like to think it’s possibly one of the greatest instances of dry humor I’ve ever witnessed.


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