Trump Gap Widens


A day after praising supporters for punching and kicking a black protester in Birmingham Alabama, Donald Trump is hoping to impress his racist credentials on a wider audience of white, bigoted americans.

Having voiced concern a week ago that Syrian refugees would be “very, very unhappy” in Minnesota because “it’s cold there”, the GOP frontrunner urged an audience in Aberdeen, Texas to consider how an influx of refugees might effect their everyday life:

“If we get a great number of these people coming into our country, will we then have to be reading Syrian as well as French and Spanish on all of our packaging and instructions and signs? Wasting time searching for the English? Does any American, or any Christian for that matter, really want that?”

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  1. Can you explain why he has become popular? He was lucky not to get assassinated here with his appalling golf course development despoiling a wild and ecologically valuable tract of the north east coast of Scotland, and forcing locals to move who had inhabited their properties for generations. It was a shameful business and could only have been achieved, in my opinion by dubious means.


    • He has become popular because a good portion of the U.S. population are stupid, braying jackasses who can easily relate to his vulgarity, greed and bombast. How he has been spared assassination is a question I wonder, often aloud, every day. Those I know who are considering leaving the country because of his rise remain here out of a sense of duty to accomplish that very task.


  2. Yeah, it worries me. But then I reflect. The US is a continent not simply a country; the cultural attitudes of those who live in Maine are poles apart (almost literally) compared with those who live in Tennessee; to be called an American is to be identified as something so vague it hardly says anything at all. But there’ve always been demagogues: Lester Maddox, Sheriff Jim Clark, the governor (name briefly forgotten) who was shot in the stomach for his pains, Strom Thurmond. But somehow things shake out OK in the end. Obama was a triumph of one version of democracy, whatever his failings. Having said that the presidency of Double-yuh must have been something of a trial. Come to think of it, would Eugene McCarthy’s presidency have been an unalloyed delight, or that of Hubert Humphrey? – much as I liked them both.

    Please return to Stigma, Tone Deaf. Memory twisters lie in wait.


  3. George Wallace, not only shot is the stomach but left paralyzed from the waist down. I take your point, but it seems you are as confused about the U.S. and america as citizens here are re England and the UK. The Americas are continents, The U.S. a country. Off to search for the currently enigmatic Stigma.


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