I recently had a go at designing a “real” webpage. Picked WordPress for a platform, not realizing I’d have to learn a few tricks to jump from blog format to “static page” business. A free theme with limited customization (unless one wants to edit code – I’m now convinced I do not). Have a look. I’m helping boost a local boy.


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  1. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Pretty as all get-out (Sounds as if I’m mangling argot. So what! Sue me.) But please, whatever McLuhan said, don’t confuse the medium with the message. I can’t get my teeth into web design and round-about mykwerks I’m on starvation diet.

    Look, make a vow. Before Michaelmas Term do a piece on pipe-bending. And don’t say you know nothing about it. For one thing I’d say you were fibbing, for another there’s a perfectly respectable post to be made about absence-of-knowledge-of-pipe-bending. Or, if you’re really pressed: violent-response-to-a-request-to-do-a-piece-about-said-subject.

    And no poetry. No trailing clouds. I want diameters, I want tips about avoiding crinkles on the inside of the bend, I want copper vs. stainless steel. I’ll even accept a detour about connectors.

    And I don’t want to hear any whingeing about lack of response. By far the majority of comments to Tone Deaf these days comes from its onlie begetter, yclept RR. I’m suffering; come and suffer with me.


  2. I’ve hand bent soft copper for gas lines. Other than that I only bend it prior to a scrap yard run if it’s too long for the truck. Plumbers don’t bend much here, though I’ve seen electricians bending conduit. I will try to appease with a techy prosy bit soon. The blower motor resistor module replacement in truck2? Nah….too easy.


  3. Excellent! We both seem to be visited by the same gift of tongues. Soul-mates unto eternity. That final sentence gets you off the hook – you may now return to hibernation if you wish.


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