who ya gonna call?

Another wondrous achievement. But between MIT and Cal-Tech they couldn’t find someone to write it up without using “incomprehensively” in the 3rd to last paragraph:


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  1. Marvellous but – I couldn’t help thinking – quixotic. To devise an engineered system which, in one respect at least, attempts to improve on the physical world as we know it seems in this day and age slightly old-fashioned, perhaps even chimerical. I couldn’t help thinking this approach was a deliberate attempt to render the law of diminishing returns null and void. I wondered – alas, that’s all that I did – if there wasn’t a purely intellectual solution involving people with brains weighing well in excess of the international average (1300 – 1400 gm), sitting in a room, playing computer games based on Fermat’s last theorem, drinking iced tea and taking time off to think; coming up with a mathematical expression of these tiny perturbations and proceeding from that. OK, I’m the Hans Christian Andersen de nos jours (Stick with me baby and you’ll gain the gift of many tongues.) and I’m spinning a fairy tale that isn’t half as good as those spun for ASF. And the result, if it ever happened, wouldn’t be tangible. There wouldn’t be those super-thin whiskers to show the departments that dole out the grants. But those in the know would hug themselves and raise a glass of iced tea to Old Albert whose only whiskers radiated from under his nose.


    • I think Albert etal already sat around and came up with the mathematical expressions long ago, though I’m sure they’ve been elaborated on since. More precise time-warp measuring devices seem like a better use of funding than smarter bombs, But I’ll agree there should be higher priorities. Still, micrometers come in handy, and most everyone is using GPS these days. What did you think of “incomprehensively” in there? I’m still trying to promote my proof reading skills.


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