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Here’s a copy and paste from a Facebook post. Not quite Shakespearean, but a satisfying rant:

I’ve had a couple days now to process the most memorable moment of my 101 mile bike ride on Friday. About 90 miles in I was southbound at the old Bundy’s gravel pit on co. Rt 23 between Sherb 4 and n. Norwich. A huge red dump truck rolled up to pull out of the driveway, then stopped to let me pass. After I passed he (just a guess) pulled out and accelerated to a position about 8 feet behind me. I was on the edge of the pavement and so was he, directly lined up to run over me. Wide open 2 lanes, no oncoming traffic. He then LAID on the air horn and swung around me, driving me into the gravel and missing me by about 3 feet. Too scared and rattled (and tired) to get a license#. Red truck, and I’d be willing to go $100 I could smell Trump stink coming out of the cab. Intolerance and bullying abuse of any and all who don’t conform 100% to their puny lifestyle. Fuck you. Sharpen up your rebel flag staff and drive it into your skull. Let the Klan culture drip out so the flies can get at it.