A Brush with Christmas

Re-worked a painting I’d been dissatisfied with for 15 years, (yes, it was hanging in my kitchen every day). Resumed work on an old, very meager sketch and painted it up, then worked up a painting from scratch. I gifted them out and relationships seem none the worse for it. Here they are, chronologically as above, all 8″x 10″:

“The Split Second”, graphite,oil, ink and acrylic on canvas


“dogthink”, Acrylic on canvasboard


“Prayer”, Graphite and acrylic on canvasboard

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  1. Hi Mike, Merry Christmas and all the best for 2017. It’s good to see you posting here, and I really like these. Especially the middle one, but they’re all good. Keep it up…we’re going to need art and poetry even more than ever in 2017, I think.


  2. And I never knew, never even suspected. With abstracts I search for certainty of line and it’s here in all three. Plus an inventive hand with colour (something that’s always escaped my feeble attempts). Don’t bother any more with writing, this is where the talent lies. And we all may have less time than we think.

    What does “gifted them out” mean? Are they for sale?


  3. Please do. But warn them that the complexities associated with exporting artwork could be such that both vendor and buyer might well become discouraged.


    • Pretty sure (hoping) you’d be trying to outbid some serious sentimental value. And really, I can’t just put an 8 x 10″ painting in bubble wrap and mail it? People mail live canaries here in the US. I’m not saying that’s right, but it’s true and legal.


      • Posted by Marlene on December 31, 2016 at 9:35 pm

        I am thinking that one might be painted for the highly talented writer/amanuensis, no?

      • Are there footprints on the Moon? Did the U.S elect Trump to be President? What CAN’T happen? How many dogs would have to sniff it en route? What is the address?

      • Posted by Marlene on January 1, 2017 at 9:39 am

        There you have it Mr. Robinson. You can expect art in the mail posthaste!

  4. Sometimes I despair. You’ve known about bubble-wrapped canaries for goodness knows how long and never previously let on. What more do you need to stimulate your creative juices? An amanuensis, perhaps. Overworked as I am I’m ready to do the job unpaid.

    Just remembered another knee-trembler. How’s the stat situation?


    • Stat behaved this AM, so it looks like I’ll be able to put it off until next year (week). Parts joint closed anyway. I’ve only known about canary mailing for one day, having seen a Washington Post report about one instance of bird carnage. Apparently baby chicks (those aspiring to lay eggs for human consumption) are mailed by the thousands on a regular basis. You’re offering your A-man services one day after finally finding a gentle way to tell me to quit writing?


  5. Yes, what can I have been thinking? I’d love to be able to excuse my carelessness by re-evoking an oft-stated principle: that my blogs and my blog comments should not be tested according to their factual content but rather in the way such content (dubious at the best of times) is expressed. In effect, Le style c’est l’homme..

    But in this instance the style was non-existent and the recommendation was nugatory.

    I have from time to time said that my aim was to entertain but I didn’t do that either.

    So you find me clinging indefensibly to an unexpected comment from an unknown commenter: that I’m highly talented. A subsidiary reaction arises – Talented at what? – but I’m inclined to suppress it. Looking back on my unsatisfactory life I find I’ve tended to take all comments made by anyone called Marlene at face value.


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