Untitled, so far.

I think one more brushstroke will finish the painting. Titling is harder than painting.



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  1. Posted by Martha McLemore on January 11, 2017 at 6:35 pm

    My first thought was, “Tapas,” because I see sardines, olives, red peppers on a tiny plate. Love your palette, movement …contrasts. Quite nice!


    • Thanks Martha! A response like that leads me to lean toward “untitled”. I never once thought of a plate of food while painting this…tried to banish all thought of realism, but when the painting hints to me I often follow the lead.


      • Posted by Sofie One Crow on January 12, 2017 at 12:55 pm

        No matter what (or whether) you title this, I still like it. Makes me smile and feel cheered when I look at it.

      • I’m glad it has that effect. The “fish” at the top was an early comer to this painting, and that area was reworked very little. It always seemed light and appealing to me. The dark area that is the middle third of the painting saw many revisions, trying to find some sort of compositional balance while entertaining the anthropomorphic notions that developed.

  2. Oh I agree. There’s a huge snob value in Untitled 2017 (the year is mandatory; it proves you haven’t renounced the world). Alternatively one of its siblings: Design 2017, Sketch 2017 (particularly annoying to The Great Unwashed given that it clearly isn’t a sketch). Abstract nouns can be tricky, they may suggest the painter is straining for effect. Avoid the hubris implied in Contemplation 2017, even worse Ratiocination 2017. If you are inclined towards abstractions go for broke along the Peruvian coast: Imbroglio 2017 would be fine.

    How about a joke? Feeding The Five Thousand 2017, say. Vegetarian Nightmare 2017.

    Honesty only works for Primitives and you’re not one of them. Obviously you’d run a mile from I Have’nt A Clooe 2017, in which the misplaced apostrophe and the misspelling are as mandatory as the year.

    Modified honesty is my preference: Not Bad, Could Sell 2017. But no, I was forgetting, you are born of foreign stock. I’m thinking like a Brit and we love understatement (Not Bad = Damned Good). Better you play safe: Upstate New York 2017.

    More available if you need it.


    • No problem coming up with ideas here, many along the same line as yours:

      “Your Call”
      “Marked Down”
      “Study #…”

      Or more seriously:

      “The Captain’s Daughter”

      I’ll keep you in suspense a bit longer re the final stroke.


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