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Working Freezer!

But what made the thermistor blow?



4 track, with track bouncing

In the spirit of RR‘s Picosong releases (minus the acapella, which is a special kind of bravery) here is a ditty from 23 years ago.

start relay drama


1.5″ x 1.5″ x 1″


The Old

Had an upright freezer breakdown and spent a few hours trying to solve the problem. With practically zero knowledge of freezers (I did muscle it out the door before the frost thawed) and finding no “reset” button, I took to the web. Found the basic go wrongs and first learned to test the compressor windings (w/meter). They seem pretty good, not perfect, but maybe my meter isn’t sensitive enough. Next noted that the wiring diagram on the freezer indicated the existence of an overload protector, so I image searched that term, discovered what one might look like, and extracted mine from the circuitry. It had many numbers on it, and I eventually located an image of it and then an Amazon listing. About six bucks -none in stock. Could not find for sale anywhere else but persistence (may have) paid off. I found a comment on a discussion board indicating that my part (which has three connecting pins) was impossible to find, but giving detailed instructions for a work-around. It said I needed to pry apart my start relay and remove the blown (it was clearly blown) disc fuse, being careful not to damage the case. I needed to purchase a widely available (single pin) QP2-4R7, pry IT apart to obtain a new fuse, and transplant it into my old case. Ordered the QP2-4R7 from Hong Kong on Feb 6, due to arrive Feb28-Mar 7. It came, return address Hong Kong, on Feb 13, total cost including shipping: $1.87. Disc transplant is complete, but I haven’t wired the relay back in yet. I fully expect that when I power up it will instantly destroy the fuse.

Dust/mud/paint control


A brief second floor


untitled, unfinished

gorilla glue, acrylic, nail, cotton fiber on canvasboard, 9x12"