untitled, unfinished

gorilla glue, acrylic, nail, cotton fiber on canvasboard, 9x12"

2 responses to this post.

  1. As if to prove yours is not necessarily a rectilinear world. I may return to this when I’ve worked out some kind of response. In the interim here’s a limerick that suggests others may not be as fortunate as you.

    There was a young man who said: Damn!
    I perceive with regret that I am
    A creature that moves
    In predestinate grooves
    In fact not a bus but a tram.


  2. I won’t taint your interim thoughts with working titles then. Just know that this was a very spontaneous experiment with some polyurethane glue I had sitting around. Water based, so it mixes well with the acrylic paint, and it expands as it cures. There are portions of this painting that I like, and i learned a few techniques that I may employ in subsequent attempts.


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