Vid send to UK

24kg boards.

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  1. Posted by Sofie One Crow on February 17, 2017 at 10:14 am


    This is priceless! I have a stairwell very much like yours and maneuvering anything longer/taller than 70-inches is impossible, even with removing the handrail…and my area is almost target-free.

    Lord bless you, Mike. 🙂


  2. You must be familiar with: a bull in a china-shop (= potential chaos). This could be considered its antonym with the bull replaced by a ballet dancer, a Swiss-watch repairer, or a theologian counting angels on a pin-head. Or, for that matter, Donald Trump measuring – for the benefit of the world’s media – the clinically precise work recently achieved by his administration.

    Never has breathing been so varied (from a sigh all the way to a grunt) or so eloquent. Never has an actor found a more erotic entrance on to the stage.

    One thing worries me. This plank was the sixth of six. Am I to understand that the contents of the display cabinet and, more particularly, the pictures remained inviolate throughout?

    Joking apart this was an example of transmuting base metal into gold. I mean, there was genuine narrative tension. Mon chapeau.


    • Thanks Robbie. Glad I finally found a way to get it to you. “This plank”, of course, was the final three planks, each shot from a different angle with my only camera, the three videos then edited (very quickly) to seem like one continuous trip. No damage done, yet. The planks are for scaffolding to repair and paint the ceiling of the stairwell. Trump? I am currently referring to him anagramally: Lord Dampnut.


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