Dust/mud/paint control


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  1. Posted by Sofie One Crow on February 18, 2017 at 9:06 am

    Well, you’ve done this a time or two before, haven’t you? I am enjoying watching your progress.


  2. And as I understand it, these structures are merely to gain access to the ceiling. Eventually, like the Arabs… Me I’d be tempted to incorporate them into the fabric of house in some way. To reverse what’s been done would be such a waste of physical effort, not to speak of the dreadful apprehensions that could easily have led to the sound of breaking glass. Why not saw the planks into three to facilitate their removal? I jest of course


    • I’ve got an at home restoration project that’s going to incorporate those planks. A kitchen/bathroom floor seems to be subsiding at an alarming rate. Mostly over crawl space. Knew it was coming.


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