4 track, with track bouncing

In the spirit of RR‘s Picosong releases (minus the acapella, which is a special kind of bravery) here is a ditty from 23 years ago.

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  1. I assume this is you and that the rest is electronic wizardry. Excellent (for one thing your rhythmic sense is far more solid than mine) but I need more info and more time. Am presently embedded in the Borderlines Film Festival: one fortnight, 23 titles for the three of us, five titles seen so far in two days. I will return.


  2. It was the narrow range that attracted me, no high Es. I sang along in my baritone, too formal, totally unsuited to this kind of intimate address. But I knew where I’d fall down and of course that’s where I did; I haven’t your propulsiveness, the way you hit the beat, without flagging, along the line. Even (perhaps especially) on lines where there are extra syllables to be digested. I found myself looking for notes to sustain, they’re there but much tighter and I’m not trained for them

    Anyway I recorded An ChloĆ« for the first time with all its runs, and scales and grace notes, just to remind myself what I’ve been doing since New Year. It wasn’t as bad as I expected but gosh, what a load I’ve taken on. (On impulse I’ve tacked the recording to the end of my latest post: It’s that time of year.)

    Bravo. You sounded as if you were enjoying yourself. And that’s what matters.


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