Working Freezer!

But what made the thermistor blow?



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  1. Posted by Sofie One Crow on February 28, 2017 at 10:13 am

    When our upright freezer died, the repairman said we weren’t keeping the freezer filled to capacity, which put higher stress on the motor – something about the packed freezer helps regulate the temperature inside, so that the thermostat didn’t cycle on as often or stay on for as long. Think that might be why the thermistor blew?


  2. I like the difficulty grading: moderate. Reminds me of my rock-climbing days. These days ratings are numerical but once they were adjectival:

    Very Difficult
    Very Severe
    Hard Very Severe
    Exceptionally Severe

    I think I once did a Severe; I was never very good at rock climbing but I was, nevertheless, an enthusiast. A dangerous combination.

    The sequence you describe demands skill and persistence, probably in equal parts. I particularly dislike that sting in the tail: the device is finally repaired but it still doesn’t work if the repairer is impatient. Were I converting this material into a short story I’d have the freezer re-loaded only for the owner to discover that the rubber seal had, in the interim, perished. With replacements unavailable. A simple, visible fault but possibly irreparable. Though I would never discount Yankee ingenuity.


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