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tough day

“We did this long climb out in Moab, hours of uphill on a sunny day, and as soon as we got to the top I saw a big line of thunderstorms bearing down on us.”

His boat was whaleskin stretched over wood, sixteen feet long and scarcely wider than his hips. The steel harpoon head, with its barb, stayed in the walrus, and was slowly killing it.

” I was freezing, man, but back then I always carried a Space Blanket in my jersey pocket. We stopped at the top and I was in the bathroom, cutting up pieces of Space Blanket and taping them over my thighs and my torso. I always carried electrical tape back then.”

Early in the second night the walrus died. The Inuit began to tow it toward home, but he could not tow as fast as the walrus had. He lashed himself to the carcass and slept alone on the swelling ocean.”

“So we got down okay, but we got a motel room that night. It was the last night anyway and the campsite was soggy. Hot shower you know.”

He arrived near the village in the middle of the fifth day, and presented the walrus. Early in the evening he fell asleep again in his house of ice.