start relay drama


1.5″ x 1.5″ x 1″


The Old

Had an upright freezer breakdown and spent a few hours trying to solve the problem. With practically zero knowledge of freezers (I did muscle it out the door before the frost thawed) and finding no “reset” button, I took to the web. Found the basic go wrongs and first learned to test the compressor windings (w/meter). They seem pretty good, not perfect, but maybe my meter isn’t sensitive enough. Next noted that the wiring diagram on the freezer indicated the existence of an overload protector, so I image searched that term, discovered what one might look like, and extracted mine from the circuitry. It had many numbers on it, and I eventually located an image of it and then an Amazon listing. About six bucks -none in stock. Could not find for sale anywhere else but persistence (may have) paid off. I found a comment on a discussion board indicating that my part (which has three connecting pins) was impossible to find, but giving detailed instructions for a work-around. It said I needed to pry apart my start relay and remove the blown (it was clearly blown) disc fuse, being careful not to damage the case. I needed to purchase a widely available (single pin) QP2-4R7, pry IT apart to obtain a new fuse, and transplant it into my old case. Ordered the QP2-4R7 from Hong Kong on Feb 6, due to arrive Feb28-Mar 7. It came, return address Hong Kong, on Feb 13, total cost including shipping: $1.87. Disc transplant is complete, but I haven’t wired the relay back in yet. I fully expect that when I power up it will instantly destroy the fuse.

Dust/mud/paint control


A brief second floor


Vid send to UK

24kg boards.

untitled, unfinished

gorilla glue, acrylic, nail, cotton fiber on canvasboard, 9x12"

The unvarnished collection

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Flood time

Rain all day here, with more predicted for tonight. Had it been snow we’d be wallowing and plowing through a foot of it. The ground is mostly bare, the woods dark and foggy, and streams are rushing. I was able to spend an hour spading open a ditch to relieve the flow that has led to glaciation of my driveway. It occurred to me more starkly than ever before that I love this weather. And then I felt a stab of guilt. People suffer because of floods – perhaps one shouldn’t enjoy flood time so much. And so I comfort myself, thinking: Everyone is filled with joy when the sun is beaming from blue skies, and thousands are accruing the exposure that will develop into melanomas. Back to lovin’ it. Hope the hill doesn’t slide down on me.