Janinda Hill, cont.

“Skeet, I’m having a hard time forgetting something you said the other day.”

“What’s that?”

“Remember when I asked how Janinda Hill got it’s name, you thought a bit and said that Jack Hill used to live right there on the sharp curve?”


“Jesse? Jesse Hill?”

“Yep, did you know his boy Roger? Kinda screwed up in the head?”

“um….I don’t think so….I knew Gary and Bernie Hill….Roger Hill, huh?”

“Yep. Some mornings he’d wake up a boy, other mornings he’d wake up a girl. Dressed that way too.”

“I guess somebody named Janinda lived over that way at one time.”


Verbatim from coffee shop

“I hear there was an accident on Janinda Hill a couple nights ago.”

“Yeah, nobody hurt much. A rollover with entrapment, but no injuries.”

“Why is is called Janinda Hill, anybody know?”

“I don’t.”

“Nope, no idea.”

“Me neither.”

“Hey Skeet, hold up a sec. You live over that way. Any idea why they call it Janinda Hill?”

“Uh….let’s see. Jack Hill used to live over there, right on the sharp curve.”

“What was his wife’s name, do you remember?”

“Nope, no idea. We’ll be seein’ ya.”

“Ok Skeets, see ya later.”

“I guess probably somebody named Janinda lived over there at one time.”



A message from reality.

The Patrolman’s Benevolent Association of the City of New York


Dissociating from Disassociation

Ran into ” parenchymal disassociation” on a medical research webpage, and googled it because I wasn’t  sure what parenchymal meant.  Lo and behold, the only exact matches for the phrase (5 or 6 of them) came from the same webpage. Proceeded next to “parenchymal”, and got the definition, then tried “parenchymal dissociation”. Result: hundreds of exact matches. So on and so forth ended with OED reference:

“dissociate” is from the Latin dissociare (to separate from fellowship). “Disassociate” was modeled after the 16th-century French verb désassocier.

Both words are recognized, and they mean the same thing.  Dissociate saves a syllable and some hissing, so there seems little reason to follow the French. Today’s international news bolsters my skepticism:

France, having recently purchased $20.5 billion worth of new trains, now realizes that the trains will not fit into many regional stations. More hundreds of millions will be spent modifying station platforms. Transport Minister Frederic Cuvillier blamed an “absurd rail system” for the problems. “When you separate the rail operator from the train company,” he said, “this is what happens.”



Proofing in the cooler









Those not bedeviled with a keen eye might gladly pick up a six-pack of the beer featured above, waltz to the register (the very first place where the price would be apparent) and then home, unburdened with the conundrum so clearly on display. Had  The Ithaca Brewing Co. been able to keep up with my demand for Flower Power IPA  my gaze would not have strayed, again, to the upper reaches of the craft-brew shelf, and I would not have been compelled to sort out why the shelf tag failed, by a letter, to match the product label. My guess was a printer’s error, followed by heated argument, the assertion that “Few, if any, will notice.”, and  some contract bargaining.  Of course one of the few needed to know if there were indeed a couple others who’d noticed, and so got right home, opened one, (yes, the bottle label says Hop Nosh too)









and Googled:  “hop notch” “hop nosh”

Instant satisfaction. The Notch Brewing Co. in Mass. “asked”, (using a “cease and desist” document), that their trademark on the word “notch”, (as related to “beer and breweries”) be honored by Uinta of Utah, the makers of Hop Notch. Representatives say the agreement was amicable, per the link below:

hoppy agreement

Still not sure why the shelf label is unrevised. Maybe the store manager is using last year’s tag. If Notch sues, I want a share of the finder’s fee.


Little Sleep,

..Unplug me from this blur of false portent;
I want dreams, real dreams that strike and bruise and flee,
not waking hopes that wish and linger.
Freed from the cant and won’t that props the walking
feed me dollops from your starry bowl.
Don’t let me think.




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